joi, 11 septembrie 2014

TV News

Nurse Jackie will end after 7th season! :(
Nurse Jackie is making her final rounds. The show's previously announced seventh season will be the series' last, Showtime announced Wednesday. The news is not all that surprising, especially in the wake of star Peter Facinelli's departure from the series. 
Facinelli, who will still return for a handful of episodes as Dr. Fitch Cooper, was one of Nurse Jackie's original cast members alongside Emmy-winner Edie Falco, who plays the titular Jackie Peyton. Although no one will ever be able to replace Coop, former Monk star Tony Shalhoub will guest-star in Season 7 as ER doc Bernard Prince, who ultimately becomes a friend to Jackie when she needs it most.
Nurse Jackie has never been a highly buzzed-about series, but that hasn't stopped it from racking up critical acclaim. Falco's Emmy-winning performance as Jackie makes her the only woman to win a Lead Actress Emmy in both the comedy and drama categories. Falco's co-star Merritt Wever hilariously took home the Supporting Actress Emmy in 2013 for her portrayal of nurse Zoey. 
The final season of Nurse Jackie does not yet have a premiere date, but is expected to air in early 2015.
Will you miss Nurse Jackie?
In other news: Chris Pratt will kick off Saturday Night Live's 40th season when he hosts the September 27 premiere with musical guest Ariana Grande, NBC announced Wednesday.
It will be the Guardians of the Galaxy star's first time hosting the show, and Grande will also be making her debut. Perhaps Pratt will join her for a rap? And might Amy Poehler drop by to support her Parks and Recreation co-star?
For Episode 2 on October 4, Sarah Silverman, who was a writer and performer on SNL in the early 1990s, will host for the first time. Maroon 5 will be the musical guest, marking the band's fifth appearance on the show.

miercuri, 3 septembrie 2014

Tv News

- The Fox Drama Gang Related has been canceled due to low ratings :((
gang related
- Netflix signed a contract with Warner Bros for the distribution of the new series Gotham on their online platform. The contract specifies the exclusive rights to stream the series on Netflix...:P

- Disney will launch ( in 2015) an animated tv-series based on the box office hit Frozen. It will be named Frozen Fever (WTF??)

- The first episode of the new Mentalist season will be directed by Simon Baker (nice)

duminică, 24 august 2014

Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex Today

Ray Donovan S02E07 “Walk This Way”
Conor demands that Terry, Bunchy and Mickey attend his birthday party.

Masters of Sex S02E07 “Asterion”
Masters becomes impotent and stops his work with Johnson. 

I like how they closed it out using "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"

miercuri, 20 august 2014

Tv News

Todays tv news are about Showtime`s Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex which apparently have been renewed for their respective 3rd season. Both series will have a 12 episode 3rd season and production is set to begin in the first months of 2015 so that next summer they`s be airing, as usual. 

Both Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan have received 2014 Emmy Nominations.


sâmbătă, 9 august 2014

Today`s Reality Tv Series: Rachel Allens Cake Diaries, Naked News, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, Scrappers UK, Extreme Guide To Parenting

Rachel Allens Cake Diaries
Season 01, Episode 04
Folks, please note that the order of these episodes I upload them in will appear to be all over the place! That is due to the way Foxtel is airing them! Birthdays are incomplete without a cake, and whether you’re after fancy and frilly or simple and seductive, Rachel has some great ideas for birthday cakes with a twist.

Naked News 2014.08.08
Naked News is the only fully nude news program of its kind in the world that is real news, breaking news from around the world, sports, entertainment and infotainment programs delivered by a roster of completely naked, attractive and intelligent women. But nude news, nude weather, nude sports and nude entertainment is not all we are about. We have nude amateur auditions, nude celebrity models and our famous Naked in the Street interviews. Nude women reporting all the nude news you need to know to be informed and entertained at the same time. Very simply, Naked News is unique, there is nothing like us anywhere. The Naked News program is considered to have the best quality video on the Internet produced in multiple formats for streaming and downloads.

Diners Drive-Ins and Dives 
Diners Drive Ins and Dives S17E13 HDTV x264 CRiMSON
Season 20, Episode 7 –  “All Day Dining”
In Long Beach, Calif., pork belly is paired with octopus; in Monterey, Calif., apple pancakes and a three-pork porchetta; in Wilson, Wyo., banana bread French toast and beef stroganoff.

Scrappers UK
Season 1, Episode 2 - “A New Broom”
Terry has promised his wife that he’ll stay away from car auctions and cut back on his spending. Debs and Michelle have some issues with their new menu.

Wheeler Dealers Trading Up 
Season 2, Episode 1 - “Australia”
Mike heads to New South Wales and Sydney, a car trading hotspot. Mike goes ‘dancing in the dust’ with trick-driving Outbackers, treks to the Gold Coast to ride the wave of first generation Mazda RX-7 imports and stumbles across a mint Mark I Ford Escort.

Extreme Guide To Parenting S01E01
Bravo Media gives a candid and unfiltered look into some of the unique and unconventional styles of raising children in the upcoming docu-series. From “conscious-attachment” and “helicopter” to “hypnosis” and “push-parenting,” these moms and dads believe their parenting techniques are the best and everyone else is doing it wrong. Each hour-long episode showcases different households with alternative styles of raising their children.

Season 01, Episode 01 - “The Indigo Child & The Coddled Toddler (Pilot)”
Parents all over the world believe their parenting style is best and everyone else is doing it wrong. In the series premiere, two couples’ parenting choices are challenged. Shira takes an all-natural approach to raising her children, but the pressure is on her to put her 10-year-old “indigo” son on medication to treat his overactive personality. For Scout and Bill, it took years to adopt their precious daughter Simone and now they never want to leave her side. But Scout’s mom, Nana, is demanding alone time with her granddaughter and issues an ultimatum.

miercuri, 30 iulie 2014

Todays Tv Series: The Bridge US S02E04, Extant S01E04, Suits S04E07, The Divide S01E04, Graceland S02E07, Taxi Brooklyn S01E06 ,Young and Hungry S01E06, Jennifer Falls S01E08, Rookie Blue S05E10 ,

Hi everyone! Long see...or no post long see...whatever.
Today we`ll take a look at today`s most important tv series and their respective episode synopsis. Ready?

Extant S01E04 
Sparks tries to quarantine Molly, but she and her family flee to a remote island with her estranged father. When the agency closes in on them, Ethan is exposed to grave danger. Meanwhile, Yasumoto experiments with a strange and deadly substance.
 Suits S04E07
“We’re Done”
Rachel brings disturbing news while Mike is still reeling from the aftermath of the battle for Gillis Industries. Feeling Harvey is his only friend left, Mike makes a rash decision; elsewhere, Jessica asks Louis to pick his own reward after his victory for the firm.
 The Divide S01E04
“Never Forget”
A caseworker working for the Innocence Initatiative, named Christine is trying to stop the execution of a man who she believes has been wrongly convicted of murdered a African American family in Philadelphia.
 Graceland S02E07
“Los Malos”
Mike faces his enemy and vows to take him down at all costs even if it means his agents operate beyond the boundaries of the law.
 Young and Hungry S01E06
“Young & Punchy”
Josh punches a guy he intended to hire, so Gabi tries to play peacemaker between the men and winds up developing some chemistry with the potential new employee. Elsewhere, Elliot and Yolanda each plot to try out Josh’s lavish new bathtub.
 Rookie Blue S05E10 
 Jennifer Falls S01E08
 “Dads and Dogs”
Jennifer is surprised by the return of Gretchen’s absentee father and the news of his newfound success.
 Taxi Brooklyn S01E06 
 “Love Hurts”
The wife of a notorious stalker is murdered in a case that forces Cat to face her past. She reluctantly agrees to take the lead on the investigation, but only if Leo is by her side.
 The Bridge US S02E04
“The Acorn”
Marco gains a new ally. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Ray discuss their future.

marți, 15 iulie 2014

The Strain A New Tv Show

The Strain Season 01 , Episode 01 - “Night Zero” Official Plot

When a plane lands in New York City with everyone on board dead, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, head of the CDC’s Canary Project, and his team are called upon to investigate. Harlem pawnbroker Abraham Setrakian races to the airport, convinced that what looks at first like a mysterious viral outbreak might be the beginning of something infinitely more sinister.

Yessssss!!! I am here for this vampire/zombie epidemic horror show 1000%. This shit is so up my alley. Give me all the zombie vampire shows. Every show!! Make the food network exclusively air shows where zombies bump around the kitchen trying to sautée brains to perfection. Give me the travel channel airing Anthony Bourdain style travel docs of vampires traveling across the world to visit other thousand year old vampires. Give me all of them! I literally could watch millions of these shows and never get bored!

Also the parasite apparently also gives people the ability to regrow a full head of hair as can be seen by Peter Russo’s new full head of hair. Jk he’s not a zombie vampire yet. I have no idea if he’s wearing a toupee, if he got hair plugs or if he just shaved his head for House of Cards. Idk but the most shocking thing about this episode was that Peter Russo apparently had the ability to sprout all that hair from his head all along. I’m in shock.

That is a toupee right?? I know. I ask the real questions.